Never stop Learning

Hi!! Welcome to my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to start writing again, once a week. I will make a post on Instagram, and I will then link to the blog. Just a new way to communicate what I’m doing, what I am thinking, and new ideas, and thoughts. Most importantly, what I have been doing can motivate you or engage with me.

I think it’s really a good platform for you to be updated with my new collections or inspirations. But also, for us to communicate, if you like to share ideas you can reply to my email,

Because the whole idea of working with my hands and creating is to have a bond with my customers, have that connexion. The aim of my creations is to engage with the wearer so you can feel powerful and unique or to connect with your soul or memories. To do so, I need to know who the wearer is, when do you use it, what it feels like to you wearing it, etc. And to do so, I will share my steps, wherever I am, or my thoughts and hopefully you can reply and engage with your comments!

The first post that I want to share with you, is an experience that I have been going through for quite some time. As life goes by and everything changes in this process, my life has changed as a jeweller as well. Before I used to work on my bench all day long and deliver my products to art galleries or shops around Australia, but with Covid, the stores closed, and I had to readapt and change the strategies media. In this process, I needed some guidance, therefore through Realise business, for those who don’t know, it is a Not-for-Profit enterprise empowering people to successfully run their businesses. I meet Therese Tarlinton, “Female speaker, author, & advisor. ‍ Wrote, SWAP! Marketing without Money.

She is wonderful. I have been going to workshops in the city where she explains marketing in a fun and easy way! She loves marketing, which is her passion as I am making jewellery. So, whatever she says, comes with such power and enthusiasm that can convince anyone of anything!

So here I am, absorbing her words and learning. In life, one thing we can never stop doing is LEARNING.

So, all of you, who think your world is already solved and done! Never sub-estimate life and the turns and cycles that can get you through.

With Love


Therese Tarlinton

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