Tap and die tools

For this year’s Sydney Design 2013, Gaffa Gallery is going to participate in this event, throwing an Exhibition that would last a month and I, as resident of Gaffa’s jewellery studio will be presenting a piece of jewellery that touches the theme of this year’s event.” Can clever design save the world?
My Concept is a “deconstructable Brooch” The idea of a Brooch that can disassemble its parts and can be rebuilt as a couple of Earrings or as a necklace, with the freedom you like, with the ideas that you have.
For that concept I needed to create a union that can be mobile and with cold joints. To create this union I use the tap and die set, to create thread for 1 mm wire and solid blocks of silver. VERY DIFFICULT CHALLENGE! !!!! Through a week and more of work, buying different types of tap and die set, asking friends, Googling in the Internet and lots of oil, I finally make it…just when you say “this is my last try before I desist” it happens.

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