Jewellery Care

All of Francisca Rendic Jewellery Designer products, are handmade using sterling silver or gold. All of the jewellery is produced in Australia and made using Australian raw materials.


Remember to store your jewellery in a cool and dry place. Better results if stored your jewellery wrapping the jewellery separately in a moisture free plastic bag.

The reaction with the chemicals in the environment and body oils causes sterling silver to naturally oxidised. However, it is very easy to keep your sterling silver bright, if you know how to use the correct care products.


Use just a polishing cloth, as gentle rubbing and buffing alone will remove mild tarnishing. Polishing cloths are ideal as they are usually impregnated with a polishing compound, last a long time and give an amazing shine.

Clean with soap and warm water and dry very well is another way to clean and remover the grease of the jewellery.

Avoid the contact with perfume, hairspray, salt water and cleaning products.

For oxidised sterling silver, which is intentionally darkened silver made by tarnishing it in a controlled way to increase detail and the appearance of depth in a design. 

Should be careful when cleaning oxidized jewellery though, as too much scrubbing and you will scrub the effect off!


For further polishing, a Customer Sales Service, provides services such as cleaning and polishing, re-oxidising, removing scratches, ring re-sizing (depending on the ring design).

But most important of all, wear your unique jewellery. Don’t tuck it away for special occasions, it will not tarnish any less. Take care of it and it will last a lifetime to be passed down as an heirloom for generations to come.


To maintain the appearance of the jewellery pieces as beautiful as the day you bought it, we offer a range of support services to make your treasured pieces always look as new.

Here are some of the repairs we offer:

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Town talk 30x45cm cloth

Town talk 30x45cm cloth