Gummies Earrings from the Australian collection. Inspired by the beautiful gum nut of the eucalyptus tree. But this is a smaller version of the “Gum Seed Earrings“. They measure 6mm wide.

Material: 925 sterling silver.


The genesis of this collection can be traced back to my arrival in Australia. As an avid traveler and ardent admirer of nature, I’ve made it a habit to gather seeds and leaves from the places I’ve visited. However, it was the gumnuts that truly piqued my interest; their unique size, unlike anything I had encountered before, left an indelible mark on my memory.

Among the treasures I’ve carefully curated are the exquisite Gum nut earrings in silver, inspired by the elegance of these remarkable seeds. My lifelong love for exploring the world and my deep appreciation for the outdoors have shaped me into somewhat of a free spirit. Delving into the intricacies of the natural world never fails to astonish me. With every new discovery, I find myself humbled by the beauty of our planet.

It’s from this deep well of reverence for the natural world that I’ve created this collection. Each piece, including the Gum nut earrings in silver, is my way of paying homage to the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us every day, a reminder to pause and appreciate the wondrous artistry of Mother Nature herself.

Availability of Handmade pieces

If the jewellery is in stock, it means it can be dispatched immediately once payment is processed.  It will be shipped via Australian post, through a registered parcel, therefore a tracking number will be provided.

If a product is not in stock, you can still order it but it will take 2 to 3 weeks to make. Since every jewellery piece is handmade, it may vary slightly each piece from the photo displayed. Therefore, every jewellery piece will differ from each others, it will be unique every time. Made with care and a good vibe!

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Jewellery Care

Sterling silver and gold, are precious metals, therefore if it gets dark or a rusty finish, you can always bring it back to life, by following the care in the link below.