Gift Box Packaging

We beautifully wrapped every jewellery piece that you purchase in a gift box. Using a soft pouch to protect the jewellery from scratching and you will, later on, can use it to store your jewellery. It also comes inside a drawer box, so it protects the jewellery from been exposed to compression. Lastly, is it all wrapped in a cardboard box, to protect it from been damaged or exposed to rough weather conditions, in the shipping process.



If you are interested in having your jewellery piece in a fancy box, to give to your loved one, for an anniversary or special occasion, we offer a premium wooden gift box for an extra $20 AUD.

Jewellery Care:

Because sterling silver and gold are valuable metals, if it becomes dark or has a rusty finish, you can always bring it back to life by following the maintenance instructions in the link below:

Make your jewellery piece remarkable, one-of-a-kind, and a statement piece that you will wear to feel strong. We may customize the patterns for each customer, adding jewels or using a different metal to make your jewellery out of.

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