Fingerprint melted ring



Measurements: 9mm width Approx.

Material: Sterling silver.

Timeframe: 3-4 weeks to make after payment is processed.

WORK Mode: Only through postage* Extra $40 for fingerprint kit to be sent home.


Available on back-order


Fingerprint melted ring

  • This ring is a commission product. Please contact us to make an appointment and also arrange a time to imprint your fingerprint or mark, on the ring.
  • This ring is a signet ring, using a very dedicated and thin band where on top, the ring is then marked, with her fingerprint to give a personal touch or can be mark how you feel like it.
  • Measurements: 5 mm by 7 mm width Approx.
  • Metal: Sterling silver.
  • Availability of 9ct gold and 18ct gold upon request.

Availability of Handmade pieces

  • We made these rings to order, to your finger size, therefore mind that it will take between 2 and 3 weeks to be made.
  • Since every jewellery piece is handmade, it may vary slightly from each piece from the photo displayed.
  • Therefore, every jewellery piece will differ from each other, it will be unique every time.
  • Once it is finished, we ship via Australian post, through a registered parcel, therefore a tracking number will be provided.


Because sterling silver and gold are valuable metals, if it becomes dark or has a rusty finish, you can always bring it back to life by following the maintenance instructions in the link below:

Make your jewellery piece remarkable, one-of-a-kind, and a statement piece that you will wear to feel strong. We may customize the patterns for each customer, adding stones or using a different metal (Sterling silver or gold).

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