Custom Designed Model Second Ring, in sterling silver, it is a ring that was custom made by a couple who wanted something very thin and organic for the women and matched her engagement ring but also connected to his wedding band that was more like to his likes, thicker, and more geometrical. therefore I designed one ring with the qualities of both and when it was ready, I separated them into two individual rings, but who matched perfectly if they join together.

This ring was first made in sterling silver. when the customer is happy with the design, it is made with the precious metal needed.

These wedding bands are a commission product. Please contact us to make an appointment and also arrange a time to measure your finger sizes and discuss a vary in design if needed to add a personalized impression to your wedding ring.

This ring is 6mm ring whose edges are straight and geometrical, giving it a rough and define style.

Measurements: 6mm width Approx.

Metal: Available in sterling silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold.

Availability of Handmade pieces

These rings are made to order, to your finger size, therefore mind that it will take between 2 and 3 weeks to be made. Since every jewellery piece is handmade, it may vary slightly each piece from the photo displayed. Therefore every jewellery piece will be different from each other, it will be unique every time. Made with care and good vibe!

Once it is finished, it will be shipped via Australian post, through a  registered parcel, therefore a tracking number will be provided.

Jewellery Care

Sterling silver and gold, are precious metal, therefore if it gets dark or a rusty finish, you can always bring it back to life, following the care in the link below.

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Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct White Gold