Vitrum Collection

Vitrum Collection is taken from the word “Vitral”, in Spanish. The story of vitrales or Stained glass, was used back in the Roman empire to decorate objects. Later on, in medieval times, it was used in the churches, fulfilling two objectives; to allow light into the space and illustrate biblical messages and stories for those who are illiterate. Many artists were inspired by such beautiful work in churches and sacred places in the world and modified the stained glass to their own artistic media, like Marc Chagall, among others.

In the seek to add colour in my sterling silver pieces, I have merged the Doodle collection, “a free expressive flow, as the term doodle implies, a crude drawing done with little consideration, that can represent a form that means something to you” with colour.

When colour is applied within a thin layer, it can let the light pass through the earrings, adding movement, brightness, and story to the earrings, the same as a “Vitral”