The collection “In Love” made in sterling silver, consists in a series of necklaces, brooches and earrings, that represent the use of the hearts as the image of love, hope and romance. There are different types of hearts; an abstract form shape heart, a solid heart, a hollow heart, a three in one shape heart, a sparkle solid heart and more. Each heart is destined for each individual person.

The brooch In Love three hearts:
“It’s a sheet of sterling silver that has been hammered and burned with fire giving its shape and texture. It has been punched the name “IN LOVE” in braille, so it can be seen and touch by anyone and it has attached three handmade hearts molded in wax.
A rough made brooch that symbolizes the heat of love, the passion of loving and the one-to-one care on detail and companionship.”

The single brooches of heart; Are kiss of love to be spread in each person you love.

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