Fingerprint Collection

Personalized Fingerprint Jewellery: A unique and timeless keepsake that captures the distinct impression left by your loved one’s touch.

The fingerprint Collection, is a timeless keepsake that captures the unique impression left by the friction ridges of your loved one’s finger. Each pendant is one-of-a-kind, varying in size, shape and depth based on the individual’s touch and age. This ensures that you have a truly unique and personal piece of jewellery that you can cherish forever. With our easy-to-use kit, you can take an impression of your child, parent, or your own fingerprint.

An easy-to-use kit is provided for taking an impression of your child, parent, or your own fingerprint, including a wax compound, a box to store the imprint, and a prepaid envelope for returning the impression to us. Upon receipt of your impression, your jewellery piece will be created within 12 business days and sent back to you. If the initial impression is unsatisfactory, simply warm the wax again and redo it until the perfect result is obtained. The jewellery piece is made from your loved one’s actual touch, based on the exact impression you send us.

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