Francisca Rendic About Me

Francisca, a Masters in Jewellery Design at the College of Fine Arts UNSW trained in architecture, she has always been involved with the arts. Her interest in arts began with her love of painting, which in turn matured with her architectural studies. But her true passion lies with jewellery. Always in the search for innovative jewellery designs, she decided to create her own and that´s when she knew, being a jeweller was to become her love and obsession.

Jewellery with a Meaning
Francisca Rendic‘s approach to jewellery stems from the heart. Her love of jewellery follows Francisca’s life story. Finding inspiration on precious objects collected throughout her journey, she creates meaningful jewellery pieces that give life to special moments and also act as a reminder of her past. When she decided to make jewellery her life’s passion, she created her own brand, carrying with it her name as a reflection of her own self-made creations. Each piece embellished with her strength and unique energy.
Her creations are presented in collections. Each collection carrying a story that captures a particular sense of history, culture and originality. This creates jewellery with a meaning as each piece represents a story, a place and an identity. Therefore, each jewellery piece is a conversation between the owner and the memory carried by the object, creating a relationship and a bond.
Jewellery worn to enhance your personality to convey your emotions or to identify your belonging. Jewellery that speaks. Jewellery that gives strength and empowerment making you feel strong and unique.