Francisca Rendic

“I consider jewellery to be a small scale work of art, a miniature sculpture worn to reinforce our personality and enhance our identity.”

Francisca, a Masters in Jewellery Design at the College of Fine Arts UNSW trained in architecture, she has always been involved with the arts. Her interest in arts began with her love of painting, which in turn matured with her architectural studies. But her true passion lies with jewellery. Always in the search for innovative jewellery designs, she decided to create her own and that´s when she knew, being a jeweler was to become her love and obsession.

All of her jewellery are personalized pieces handmade by the artist. All pieces area made using Australian materials standing out the use of sterling silver, gold, precious and semiprecious stones.

Her overall work can be described as a union of different themed collections. However, her style is characterized by the simplicity, boldness and harmony of her designs.
Her inspirations relies on simple combinations of shapes and forms, in some cases geometrical forms, in others, inspired by nature. The organic shapes taken from the abstract form of a leaf, which makes it unique, to the rest of its specie  but similar in colour and form to the others.

Her jewellery aims to capture and transfer identity, history, culture and originality. Create meaningful jewellery which carries within stories, places, identities. Making possible a profound conversation with the memories that carries the object, emphasizing a relationship between the owner and the jewellery, which generates a bond.

This statement jewellery brings along an emotional burden that represent your jewellery to others and to yourself and communicates your thoughts and highlighting your personality.

You can find her work on display on art galleries, museums and in her workshop at Bronte Road, in Sydney, Australia. (See Stores for the place closest to you)

Contact Details
Francisca Rendic Jewellery Designer
0487 584 314