For this year 2015, I have created for exhibition purposes, a brooch, therefore I wanted to explore the ideas of using different connections and levels, to build a volume that can be appreciated in different angles.
The brooch was welded at the back of the sterling silver main piece, using a tube and a wire to form the brooch system. Also, two tubes were welded into the brass piece, to hold and support the brooch. To produce the sense of levels into the brooch. The other connections were made by sewing every piece into each other, using a 0.4mm sterling silver wire in a 0.7 mm hole. Separate within each other in 3mm.

Empire of The Sun  Brooch 4674 Empire of The Sun  Brooch 4670

Interpretation of Concept
When the Sun meets the stars and all of the elements are interlocked and are entangled with each other. The idea of being in layers and trying to reach the upper level, the sense of highness, to reach the Sun. The brooch is an spatial object with a main center, the core that structures the whole piece, and from it, the other pieces are entangled, sewed together, each one different than the other, but with the same shape, meaning that they come from the same place but they are all different, represented with different materials, colours and finished texture.Empire of The Sun  Brooch 4662Empire of The Sun  Brooch 4661

About the Author:

Francisca Goldsmith Rendic is and has showrooms in Sydney CBD. Near Queen Victoria Building. 弗朗西斯卡的高士Rendic是在悉尼CBD的陳列室。維多利亞女王大廈附近。 Francisca Rendic es Orfebre y cuenta con showroom en Sydney, CBD. Cerca de Queen Victoria Building. فرانسيسكا غولدسميث Rendic هو ولديه صالات العرض في سيدني. بالقرب من مبنى الملكة فيكتوريا. Francisca Goldsmith Rendic é e tem showrooms em Sydney CBD. Perto de Queen Victoria Building.