Author: Francisca Rendic Jewellery

Hello! Due to the high volume of inquiries about our fingerprint necklaces, I have created this video to provide clarity and address common questions. Our kit includes a box containing the wax, which you can change into a ball by rubbing it between your fingers. Use your own fingers, for a single fingerprint or create … continue reading

Never stop Learning

Hi!! Welcome to my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to start writing again, once a week. I will make a post on Instagram, and I will then link to the blog. Just a new way to communicate what I’m doing, what I am thinking, and new ideas, and thoughts. … continue reading

Empire of The Sun

For this year 2015, I have created for exhibition purposes, a brooch, therefore I wanted to explore the ideas of using different connections and levels, to build a volume that can be appreciated in different angles. The brooch was welded at the back of the sterling silver main piece, using a tube and a wire … continue reading

2015 February, Gaffa Resident Exhibition

5th to 17th February 2015 (Opening 5th Feb) Gaffa Resident and staff exhibition

2014 April, Re use, reduce and recycle

Transformed This exhibition asks makers to Imagine a world where our finite resources have reached exhaustion and aks how this would  impact notions of what is precious. TRANSFORMED Our consciousness today is more focused on taking care of what we have; concepts like “Re use, reduce and recycle” are more likely to be used instead … continue reading

2013 December, Gaffa Studio Artist Christmas Pop-up store

Gaffa Studio Artist Christmas Pop-up store! December 2013


Ladies and Gents!!!! I have made this year’s first catalogue 2013, for people to read and appreciate my work! I have included in my latest work, jewellery in silver, gold and precious Stones. Please enjoy!!! Review it in this link CATALOGUE

Tap and die tools

For this year’s Sydney Design 2013, Gaffa Gallery is going to participate in this event, throwing an Exhibition that would last a month and I, as resident of Gaffa’s jewellery studio will be presenting a piece of jewellery that touches the theme of this year’s event.” Can clever design save the world?My Concept is a “deconstructable Brooch” The idea of … continue reading

2013 August, 2013 Sydney Design

2013 SYDNEY DESIGN 2013 The theme this year is, Can clever design save the world?Can design transform, replenish and restore the well-being of our world to create a cleaner, more beautiful and more functional society? Gaffa will be participating in Sydney Design with PROFILE. Resident artist will be presenting their work in regards to the … continue reading

Aroma Festival

These set of cute dots Earrings and Necklaces are ready to be at The rocks Markets for the Aroma Festival.

2012 December, Gaffa Artist Show

Last Exhibition of the year 2012 Gaffa artist show