The theme this year is, Can clever design save the world?Can design transform, replenish and restore the well-being of our world to create a cleaner, more beautiful and more functional society?

Gaffa will be participating in Sydney Design with PROFILE. Resident artist will be presenting their work in regards to the theme presented this year.

This Exhibition runs for 4 weeks July 25 – August 19.

The work that I will present is the following:

Our consciousness today is more focused on taking care of what we have; concepts like “Re use, reduce and recycle” are more likely to be used instead of the idea of “The disposable”. We have in mind that natural resources are scarce and we are contaminating the planet with our waste and the only way that we can continue living on this planet is to look after what we already have, thereby Re think design, can clever design save the world? It’s a question in vogue, how can we design new products that will preserve, enhance and take care our environment and ourselves.
This work was thought under the principles of re use, re think, re make, create for your own. La idea is to let the user modify, rethink and wear, a jewellery piece.
The artwork is called “Deconstructable Brooch“. A Brooch made with the residual acrylic and sterling silver, of a previous artwork.
The main idea is a Brooch that is able to be deconstructed into different components (acrylic) and connections (silver) and can build, a new wearable jewellery – a necklace, a pair of Earrings or both. A Brooch that has the liberty and flexibility to be adapted by yourself and be worn as you like.

During this Exhibition we will be opening our studios, showing in our benches our new jewellery pieces!!!!!


Gaffa is a creative precinct where a range of creative businesses thrive through collaboration and partnerships. The top two floors of the Gaffa building, currently houses 16 resident artists and designers who’s work ranges from metal-smithing and sculpture to fashion and graphic design. Profile provides a glimpse into the diverse practices and creative endeavors that go on under the Gaffa roof. Meet the faces behind the studio doors.

About the Author:

Francisca Goldsmith Rendic is and has showrooms in Sydney CBD. Near Queen Victoria Building. 弗朗西斯卡的高士Rendic是在悉尼CBD的陳列室。維多利亞女王大廈附近。 Francisca Rendic es Orfebre y cuenta con showroom en Sydney, CBD. Cerca de Queen Victoria Building. فرانسيسكا غولدسميث Rendic هو ولديه صالات العرض في سيدني. بالقرب من مبنى الملكة فيكتوريا. Francisca Goldsmith Rendic é e tem showrooms em Sydney CBD. Perto de Queen Victoria Building.